Guest Book

Joshua wrote at January 23, 2013:
I stayed at this hostel for a week or more back at the end of December 1999 while I was backpacking across England, Scotland and Wales for a couple weeks. It was an amazing trip, a bit lonely at times as i was alone, which is why my time at the Embassie was the most fun, without a doubt.

I remember Christmas dinner supplied for a reasonable price by the owner. I remember hanging out with a great couple from Australia, a nice girl from Germany whom I went to a Christmas service with at the Anglican Cathedral, and great times spent laughing and socializing with others there.

It was quite possibly the best trip I've ever had, and without a doubt the best time I've ever had with other travelers.

The Embassie is epic. They make you feel like you're at home, which you will never find anywhere else. No other hostel, guesthouse, or hotel I've been to even comes close to the atmosphere here. Great place.
Jonathan Bellier wrote at October 24, 2012:
I am the creator of this website and I love this hostel! <3 :-)