Terms and conditions


Embassie Hostel, Liverpool 


Issue 1  25 Jun 2011 


1. General 

• Embassie Hostel reserves the right to update the “Terms and Conditions for Guests at Embassie Hostel”, at any time.

• The conditions pertaining to a booking are those detailed in the issue of “Terms and Conditions for Guests at Embassie Hostel which is current at the time of booking.

• These terms and conditions relate only to bookings in Embassie Hostel.


2.  Mission Statement

• The principal objective of the Embassie Hostel is to provide best possible service to all persons using  our services


3. Definitions

In this document:

• “EH”, “Embassie”, “we”, “us” means the Embassie Hostel

• “Customer”, “you” and “Guest” means any customer who makes or is making a booking with EH

4.  Products

• EH provide dormitory style accommodation. Private rooms are available, subject to availability and subject to an additional charge, can be requested at time of booking.

More details of EH are avaiable from www.embassie.com, www.embassie1.com,www.liverpoolhostels.co.uk or www.liverpoolbackpackers.com .


5. Contract

• All bookings are made subject to these Terms and Conditions and the person placing the booking warrants that he/she has the full authority to do so on behalf of all persons they are making the booking for, and confirms that all persons are aware of these Terms and Conditions.

• A contract for the supply of accommodation and (where applicable) other related services will be formed when Embassie accepts a booking or (if earlier) starts to provide the services.

6. Hostel

Hostel Facilities

• Our websites detail the facilities available at the hostel.  Further information can be gained upon request  directly to the hostel.

• All standard bookings are for bed reservations only.  They do not ensure room bookings.

• Room requirements should be requested at time of booking.  We will endeavour to assist with all room requests; however, we cannot guarantee specific dorm, bed  types for any member of the party. Room requests are subject to required hostel availability and may incur an additional charge.

• Multi-share dormitory rooms are for single-sex occupancy (some of them allowed mixed sex occupancy as stated on the booking engine) , but private rooms can be single-sex or mixed-sex.

• Embassie Hostel accepts no responsibility for extra costs incurred by any person, driver or group leader not willing to share room facilities with others drivers , group leaders or persons.

• EH reserves the right to amend rooming lists until the time of arrival.

• Bed linen, pillows, quilts and towels  is provided at the hostel.


7. Accuracy of Information and Promotional Materials

• Embassie Hostel exerts all due care and diligence when producing electronic and printed materials on hostel facilities and local attractions.  However, we reserve the right to revise, update or make obsolete some or all of the contents without obligation to notify any person of such changes.

• Despite every effort to the contrary, errors, omissions or discrepancies may occur in the preparation of promotional and informational documents (electronic and printed), and EH assumes no liability for loss or damages incurred due in part or in whole to such errors.

• All maps and photographs displayed in Embassie Hostel printed and electronic materials are for information purposes only.


8. Meals

• Self-catering facilities are available at the hostel.

• Catering can be provided at the hostel for groups of 10 persons or more. Please ask the Reservations Department for details.


9. Parking

• Parking facilities vary.  Embassie Hostel does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles parked within hostel grounds, or at the car park located in any location given by EH staff.  All vehicles are parked and left at the owner’s risk.


10. Personal Possessions

• Whilst every effort is made to ensure excellent security at our premises, EH is not responsible for visitor’s property, which includes luggage stored in luggage room, lockers available for customer use with padlocks available at the hostel reception after GBP 5,00 deposit will be paid direct to the Hostel ( retfunded uppon check out ).

11. Use of Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs

• Beer, cider and wine are permitted within designated areas within the hostels. It is an offence to buy alcohol for consumption by a person under 18.

• Embassie  hostel are non-smoking building and under British  law it is an offence to smoke anywhere within the hostel.  Smoking is permitted only in designated areas outside the hostel.  The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited in and around of Embassie hostel at any time. If the Hostel Manager/staff member suspects that a person is in possession of illegal drugs, he or she will contact the local police.

• Guests found to be contravening the above policies may be requested to leave the hostel without refund.

12 Hazardous Items

• The use of fireworks in and around the hostel grounds is strictly prohibited.


13 Hostel Guests


14 Guests with Disabilities, Medical Problems or Special Needs

• We advise you to notify us at the time of booking, and a minimum of 48 hours in advance, if you or any of your party have any disability, medical problem or special needs, which may require specific facilities.  We will endeavour to meet your requirements where possible but special needs facilities vary – please check details before booking.  It is the responsibility of the lead person to ensure that all special needs requirements are identified and communicated to EH staff.

• We cannot, however, provide assistance with walking, eating or other personal needs.  If you need help, you must take someone with you who can take care of your needs.  It is the responsibility of the group leader to ensure that all special needs requirements are identified and communicated to EH staff.


15. Equality of Access

• Embassie Hostel is open to all.  No customer will be discriminated against on the basis of race, nationality, gender, age, status, occupation, religion etc.  Where an individual’s circumstances may lead to special accommodation or catering requirements, we advise the Customer to notify us at the time of booking, and a minimum of 72 hours in advance so that, subject to availability, appropriate measures can be taken to meet the individual’s needs.


16. Children

• EH definition of a child is a young person aged between 3 and 15 years.  An infant is a child under 3 years of age.

• EH takes its Child Protection responsibility seriously. Children have the right to be protected from abuse and harm at all times and in all situations. EH endeavours to protect these rights and minimise the risk of children being abused. Child Protection is the responsibility of every adult who has involvement with children.

• The charging policy for young people staying in EH hostel is as follows:

Under 3 years of age   No Charge

3 years of age and over   Senior Rate

• Children under the age of 16 will only be allowed to stay in the EH if accompanied by an adult.

The children, the parent/guardian and the other occupants of the room must be of the same sex. We advise that additional notice be given to the destination hostel when travelling with children, to ensure that suitable accommodation is available.


17. Proof of Identity

• Proof of age, gender, and/or identity will be required at time of booking, when arrival at a hostel. We may make a copy of your passport if it is required by British Law regulations.


18. Code of Conduct

• Guests are required to give due consideration to the collective needs of others in the hostel, to take due care of the facilities provided and to respect the shared environment.  In the interest of maintaining community relations, we expect all clients to refrain from any activity likely to antagonise the local community or bring the EH into disrepute.

• Any guest displaying unacceptable behaviour will be asked to leave the hostel without refund.

• Embassie Hostel has a residential Hostel Manager or staff members who are contactable during your stay.

• EH reserves the right to call for assistance from any of the emergency services at any time.


17. Pets

• EH does not permit any pets in our hostels, except for assistance dogs only, which we must be advised about at the time of booking.


18. Booking and Payment

• All transactions with EH are in Pounds Sterling.  No booking fees are charged for bookings made direct with EH.

• The items included in your hostel stay (accommodation and non-accommodation) are indicated on your confirmation booking statement/invoice.

• Prices are set annually. Prices also vary at different times throughout the year, dependent on local market conditions.  Prices currently in force can be found at www.embassie.com  or by contacting the Reservations Department.

• We reserve the right to change our prices at any time, without notice.

• The price paid is the price in force at the time of booking.  We will fully guarantee the price of your hostel stay on your confirmation booking statement/invoice.


19 Methods of Payment

• In person at an Embassie hostel.  Payment can be made by cash, cheque, debit or credit card (seebelow).  Payment can also be made with postal orders.

• By post or telephone:  Payment can be made by debit or credit card, or cheque (see below).


Cheque payment

• Payment by cheque will only be accepted after cheque will clear on EH bank account.


Debit and credit card payment

• No booking fees are charged by EH for credit or debit card transactions. The following card types are accepted: Visa Delta, Visa Electron, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, Solo, Maestro Domestic. The card used must be in the name of the person making the booking. All transactions are in pound sterling currency.


20. Concessions and Promotional Offers

• EH may from time to time run promotional offers entitling certain individuals or groups to free or reduced cost accommodation and/or other products/services.  Such offers are subject to the specific terms and conditions relating to that offer, which will be available on www.embassie.com.  Where specified, proof of eligibility must be provided before the offer can be accessed.


21. EH Liability to its Customers

If  EH has to cancel a booking

• In the rare event that EH has to cancel a booking, Embassie  will make every effort to ensure none of the essential elements of the trip are changed.

• EH will offer the customer an option of accepting the amended booking, choice of alternative booking or receiving a full refund of all monies paid less value of any services and goods received.

• If for any reason Embassie has to make a significant change to the hostel stay once the trip has begun, the Customer is obliged to accept any reasonable alternative.

• A significant change is one which would materially affect the Customer’s trip.

• Embassie will cancel a trip, without refund, if any member of a party behaves unreasonably or causes offence to other hostel guests, staff, neighbours or external service providers.  This also applies if there is any damage to property or goods within the hostel environment.

Our Liability

• EH accepts responsibility for any damage caused to Customers as a result of any failure to perform or improper performance of the accommodation/catering services EH has agreed to provide to the Customer.  EH will not be responsible for failure or improper performance when:

o such failure is attributable to the Customer or a member of their party

o such failure is attributable to a third party unconnected with the provision of services and is unforeseeable or unavoidable

o such failure is due to Force Majeure, including, but not limited to, war, threat of war, civil commotion or strife, hostilities, strikes or other industrial dispute, natural disaster, fire, Act of God, terrorist activities, technical problems with transportation, closures of airports, ports and/or ferries, quarantine, epidemics, weather conditions, government action or other events outside our control.

• EH is not responsible for any arrangements a Customer makes with external providers whilst staying in EH hostels.

22. Circumstances Outwith Our Control

•  EH cannot accept any liability and will not consider payment of compensation where the hostel booking could not be fulfilled due to circumstances which we or our suppliers could not, even with due care, have foreseen or avoided. Such events may include, but are not limited to, war, threat of war, civil commotion or strife, hostilities, strikes or other industrial dispute, natural disaster, fire, Act of God, terrorist activities, technical problems with transportation, closures of airports, ports and/or ferries, quarantine, epidemics, weather conditions, government action or other events outside our control.

• For other unforeseen internal operational reasons, EH may occasionally be forced to change or cancel one or more destination hostels. In such cases, every effort will be made to contact you in advance, using the contact details supplied at the time of booking or during any subsequent communication. In such cases, no surcharge will be made where customers are required to be relocated to a different hostel or alternative accommodation.


23. Third Party Liability

• Any third party “activity provider” with whom EH works on your behalf or whom you work with directly will be covered by their own public liability insurance.


24. Accidents and Injury

• As far as the law allows, EH takes no responsibility for loss to any Customer as a consequence of this agreement or the occupancy following thereon.


25. Insurance

• Our premises are covered EH standard protection and liability insurances.  If you require a copy in advance, this can be obtained from the Reservations Department on request.  Customers are not, however, covered by our insurance for personal injury, damage or theft of property whilst in a Embassie Hostel, or public transport delays/cancellations.  You are advised to ensure that you are covered independently for such events.  We recommend personal travel insurance, including cancellation insurance.


26. Complaints

• Many problems can be rectified if you inform us as soon as they happen.

• If you have a justifiable complaint you should notify the Hostel Manager/Deputy Manager immediately.  If any complaint is not resolved immediately or cannot be dealt with at the time, you should write to the

Embassie Hostel Customer Service at



1 Falkner Square


Liverpool L8 7NU,

within 28 days of your stay.

• In extreme cases you can call 0151 707 10 89, 24/7 and we will endeavour where possible to resolve the difficulty.

• Where a customer is happy with the service received from EH, or where constructive criticism can be made which will help us to improve our service in future, you are invited to complete our online feedback form on www.embassie.com, or www.tripadvisor.com


27 Governing Law

• The contract between EH and the Customer, and any matters arising from it, will be governed by British law.  British Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with all disputes.


28. Your Information

• EH is follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information given to us, to prevent unauthorised access. Our security procedures mean that we may occasionally request proof of identity before we are able to disclose sensitive information to you.

• Embassie Hostel will ask you for personal information such as Name and Contact Details for the purpose of making reservations.

• We may use the information you have given to inform you of future services or special offers relating to EH only.

• EH does not sell, trade or rent customers personal information to others.  The only exception is when we take a booking on behalf of an adopted/affiliate hostel and pass on your booking details to the manager or staff of that hostel.  Details will be inputted to our internal systems only, and will not be accessible by the general public.  EH may provide aggregate statistics about our customers, sales, traffic patterns, and related site information to reputable third-party vendors, but these statistics will include no personally identifying information.

• We never disclose information about a guest to any other person or organisation without your consent unless there is an emergency situation that requires it or we are legally required to do so.

• Calls to the Reservations Department may be recorded.  EH is allowed to monitor telephone calls to ascertain compliance with regulatory or self-regulatory practices or procedures, or to ascertain or demonstrate standards which are or ought to be achieved.

• If you would prefer not to receive marketing and promotional materials and information from EH, please contact the Embassie Hostel.

• All customers have a right to make a subject access  request under the Data Protection Act 1998.  To do so, please contact us directly.


29. Definition of an Individual Booking

• Any booking is regarded as an individual booking.  One person from the party will be responsible for making the booking and arranging payment, and this person is regarded as the Lead Person.  The Lead Person will be the point of contact for all correspondence and will also be the primary contact within the hostel during the stay.


30 How to Book

• Individual bookings can be made online through www.embassie.com or a number of external booking agencies; by contacting the Reservations Department on +44 (0) 151 7071089  or at reservations@embassie.com;


31. Payment

• All individual bookings must be paid in full at the time of Check In. 


32 Changing or Cancelling a Reservation

• All cancellations or refund requests should be directed to the EH

• If a stage is cancelled more than 72 hours before the due arrival point, a refund of 100% of the cost of that stage can be given ( less any commission paid to third party ).

• When the customer has not cancelled a stage, but does not show up at the hostel on the first night, the remainder of the stay at that hostel will be deemed cancelled unless EH is notified otherwise by the Customer.


33. Arrival and Departure

• Individuals can normally check into hostel 24/7 opening times.

• On departure, guests are expected to leave the hostel by the required departure time, notified at hostel reception, normally 1100 hours.


34. Additional Specific Terms and Conditions for Group Bookings

35. Definition and Requirements of a Group Booking

• Group bookings are defined as an organised group of 10 people or more.

• Every group is required to have a leader, regarded as the Lead Person, who is responsible for making and paying for the booking and is the main point of contact before, during and after the stay.

• The Lead Person is required to be resident within the hostel throughout the duration of their booking.

• The Lead Person must be aged 18 years or over.

• For all group bookings, EH must have a direct mobile contact with the lead person whilst travelling, and a contact email address.


36. Payment

• When you have made a reservation you will be requested to confirm your. If the confirmation is not received by the agreed date the beds or rooms will be released.

• All deposits/payments made by credit or debit card will be transacted at the time of booking confirmation, not on arrival at the hostel.

• You must pay the balance of your booking upon arrival stated on your confirmation booking statement/invoice,  If full payment is not received by the stated date, the booking will be cancelled.

• If the booking is made within 6 weeks of arrival, full or half payment will be required at the time of booking.

• We will send you or your travel agent the confirmation invoice, together with these booking conditions and any other specific information requested.

• Once the EH has received your deposit, this will form a binding contract with you.

• EH may apply an administration charge of 10% of the total invoice cost for all group bookings where additional services are requested .

• Where a credit agreement is in place between EH and a group organiser, the booking and payment terms will be as specified in the credit agreement.

37 Changing or Cancelling a Booking

• If you need to change your booking please let us know immediately by e-mail or phone.

• If you or any of you party requires to cancel or change their hostel stay once it has been confirmed, the Lead Person must inform us in writing.  We will then ask you to pay any cancellation charge as shown below in the cancellation table.

• Additionally, we will charge you for any monies we have already paid at the time of cancellation to a third party supplier.  This may include, but is not limited to, activity providers and transport providers, tourism/educational venues.

• Additionally, if EH is charged a cancellation fee by a third party supplier, we will pass on that cost to be recovered from the Customer.

• These costs include money we have to pay to suppliers and any money we lose as result of the cancellation.  If you are making an insurance claim please ensure you retain all booking and cancellation information.

• If you wish to add to your party numbers, please ensure you contact us immediately to check availability.  If no advance notification is given, EH reserve the right to refuse any late additions.

• No refund will be given for any night(s) not spent as part of the trip itinerary.  If, however, guests spend additional nights at a hostel ( if we have availability ), the additional cost must be paid directly to the hostel.

• We have the right to use any money already paid to cover cancellation charges.

• The cancellation charges apply to your full booking and are as follows:

Period before your arrival date   Charge per person

More than 6 weeks (43 days or more)   5% of total cost

6 – 2 weeks (42- 15 days)    7,5% of total cost

2 – 0 weeks (14-1 day)    15% up to 100% of total cost

• Late reductions in numbers will be charged as per our cancellation policy.

• Cancellation charges will also apply for any meals booked in advance.  If a stage is cancelled more than 2 weeks in advance, the cost of the meals will be refunded in full.  If a stage is cancelled less than 2 weeks before the arrival date, the full cost of any meals booked will be charged.


38. Arrival and Departure

• On arrival at the hostel the lead person is required to sign all relevant registration documentation.  The Lead Person is required to present a full list of participants for fire regulation purposes to hostel reception staff.

• EH do not specified the normal arrival time Luggage storage for early arrivals may be available at the hostel, but this should be checked with the hostel in advance.

• Guests are expected to leave the hostel by the required departure time, notified at  hostel reception, this is normally 1100 hours.

• On arrival, for group parties, the lead person must agree to be responsible for the discipline and behaviour of their party at any time during their stay and provide a mobile phone number to be contactable at all times.  The Lead Person may be liable for damage caused by the action of their party members and/or be asked to remove their group from the hostel if behaviour is unacceptable.  Any damage to the hostel or its contents will be charged to the group.

• If any damage charges are to be made, you will be notified within 14 days of departure. EH reserve the right to delay the total costing subject to quotations from contractors. An invoice will be sent and full payment is required no later than 14 days from the issue date on the invoice.


39. Groups with Children

• To ensure the rights of children are protected and risk minimised, EH accommodate children travelling as part of a bone fide group or school through the following:

o Young people over 5 years and under 16 years will be accommodated in same sex room accommodation designated for their group use only.

o All group leaders (Lead Persons) and drivers will be accommodated in separate accommodation from their group members where possible.  Separate accommodation may be subject to a supplementary charge.

o EH requires the Lead Person to hold in their possession medical details and emergency contact details for each child in their care and make this available to EH staff in emergency situations.

o The Lead Person is responsible for the behaviour of children in their care at all times.  EH do not accept responsibility for the care and supervision of children in our hostel.

o The Lead Person and all group participants are expected to adhere to the EH Code of Conduct at all times. Mixed sex groups should ensure they have adequate leaders of both sexes.  The recommended ratio is 1:8 (according to child protection guidelines) and this may need to be higher for groups of children with special needs.


40. Additional Specific Terms and Conditions for Internet Bookings

41. Definition of an Internet Booking

• It is possible to book EH accommodation through third party internet websites.  Such bookings are subject to the terms and conditions of the provider site, and are also subject to the general EH terms and conditions laid out in this document.

• Prices and dates displayed for EH bookings are for beds in shared dormitory accommodation only. Room prices when available are given as an extra option during the booking process.

• Private rooms are available at the hostel throughout the year at an additional cost. If rooms are available you will be given the option to upgrade during the online booking process.

Contact Detaild to Embassie Hostel


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