Football place

This is a Football Place…

Liverpool loves its football!  There are three football teams in the city.
Liverpool Football Club, who play at Anfield Stadium, are known as the Kopites and play in red. Everton Football Club, who play at Goodison Park, are known as the Toffees and play in blue.
The third team is the Embassie Select 11, which consists of staff and guests. We play in the park facing the hostel – so get your football boots on (or, if you’re American, soccer boots)!

This is a great city for attending a football match, whether you have attended many times before or this is your first match. The staff will help you all they can in obtaining tickets to the matches and getting to the grounds. The two stadiums are near each other and the staff will tell you how to get there by bus or taxi. The taxi fare is about £8 to £10 but you will often find that other hostellers are going as well, so you can share the price of the fare.

Although reservations are not required at the Embassie, if you are coming to Liverpool for an important match, there is a good chance that others are coming for the same reason. You might want to ring in advance to make sure beds are available, or book online through Hostel World or Hostel Bookers.