Going out in Liverpool


The quality that most visitors to Liverpool notice is the warmth and friendliness of its people.  While it is correct to call the locals Liverpudlians, they will proudly refer to themselves as ‘Scousers’, after a favourite local stew-like dish called Scouse. Scousers are well known for their quick wit and easy-going nature. Ask a local person for directions on the street and, more often than not, they will escort you to your destination and offer a bit of home-spun wit and wisdom as well.

Liverpool offers something for everyone. It is a city full of history, beautiful architecture, art galleries and museums. Excellent West End theatrical productions can be enjoyed at the beautiful and recently refurbished Empire Theatre. The more intimately-sized Neptune, Unity and Everyman Theatres showcase local talent as well as professional productions.

Be sure to visit the beautifully restored Albert Dock which is home to the Liverpool Tate Gallery, the Beatles Story, the Customs and Excise Museum, the Museum of Liverpool Life, countless shops, restaurants and bistros and much, much more. And make it a point to take the ‘Ferry across the Mersey’ whilst in Liverpool. Your ferry crossing comes complete with original music by Gerry and the Pacemakers.

The Embassie staff know that Liverpool will win a place in your heart and they will do all they can to help to make your visit a special holiday you will never forget.


With a student population of 70,000, Liverpool is a city that can’t be beat for its nightlife! With so many students in the city, you will find that the pubs, bars and restaurants tailor their activities, music and prices with the student budget in mind.  Look out for many of the midweek promotion nights, especially designed for students. They offer even cheaper than usual drink prices and free admission. Most of the pubs and bars remain open until 4am.

Upon your check in at the Embassie, the staff will provide you with a detailed map if you would like to go on a Liverpool “pub crawl”.  The Embassie offers a calendar of events and specialised music venues. The residents at the hostel are a great source of information on where to find the best pubs and bars in Liverpool.

Usually the hostellers will go out as a group to enjoy the nightlife, so you needn’t worry if you are travelling alone.

The Embassie is a short 10 minutes walk from the city centre and the heart of clubland. Once in the city centre, just listen to the music on a Friday or Saturday night and walk in the direction of the sounds.

For the Indie music scene, you may want to try the Krazy House, Mask and Zanzibar, all on Seel Street.

Possibly the best known venue in Liverpool is Cream which showcases Europe’s top DJs. Clubbers from all over Europe come to the Embassie for a special night at Cream and, with no lock out or curfew at the hostel, you can enjoy yourself until the early hours.

Whether you enjoy music from the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s, or the music of the millennium – Liverpool has something for everyone.  Take your pick of rock, pop, indie, garage, soul or house music – Liverpool has it all.

The drinking age in England is 18 and the government supports a zero tolerance towards drinking and driving. A local law prohibits drinking out of glassware in the street in the evenings.